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Advantages of wearing linen clothes in summer

All summer with summer, Linen summer dresses during the celebration. For us, Linen tunics and clothing, Linen shirts or blouses are unchangeable in summer, Which forms an essential part of the capsule wardrobes during travel or hot and humid weather. And it’s just their natural, Not because of the timeless beauty that we like linen clothes in summer, They actually offer many benefits in warm weather.

What Is Linen Fabric?

Linen is a textile made of cellulose fiber that grows linum eucalyptus inside the stem of a flax plant which is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history.

What are the benefits of wearing linen clothes in hot weather?

Temperature regulation: Due to its natural properties of weaving and flax fiber, linen fabric breathing allows air to flow between the fibers. It keeps you cool in hot weather and the structure of the fabric means it stays softly away from your body without clinging to it, Which keeps you cool. Linen is the perfect fabric, If you suffer from excess heat or need to stay cool for a while at work or outside.

Durable: Linen is known as the strongest natural fiber in the world and is much more durable than cotton. The strength of the fiber directly contributes to the strength of the fabric made. Thus, linen garments are extremely durable

A good cotton t-shirt can last you a few seasons but a linen top or a dress will go out of it. They will not lose shape after washing linen clothes, If anything, over time they will become softer and more pleasurable on the skin. Lenin should not be considered indestructible but it is elastic. If taken care of properly, it is possible that your linen clothes will not be detached for the next generation.

Absorbent: Flax fiber, from which linen is made, is empty and absorbs moisture well – up to 20% of its weight in water before it starts to feel damp. The latter is especially important when it comes to towels, bath linen, bedding as well as clothing

Suitable for every season: Okay, we know what you know – how the same fabric keeps you cool and warm? Well, it has only one magical quality in linen. It is obvious that linen garments are suitable for summer: it is light weight, breathable, moist … But people are increasingly choosing linen clothing for spring, autumn and winter

Emptiness, From which linen is made, In reality it is used to make home insulation products. The reasons behind this are the same as clothing: flax / linen is able to release natural insulators and excess moisture. So cotton or fur can make you feel hot at first, But it also makes you sweat. Linen fabrics will retain heat from your body and make you feel extra beautiful and comfortable.

Breathable : In addition to absorbing moisture well, Linen is able to release it quickly. The discipline plant is hollow for high air accessibility. So, The linen fabric dries quickly and does not stick to the body. Linen also has a natural insulator, As such it keeps you cool in summer and retains heat from your body after cooling. This is because of the long polymers of flax that have the best heat resistance and conductivity of all commonly used textile fibers.

Comfort: If you read all the above points, you probably already got the idea that linen, being lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating, is at the top of the pyramid of comfortable clothing. But we’d also like to add that linen clothes are usually designed to have a loose-fit making them perfect for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes.So go on, find a piece of linen clothing that will change your life. We’re serious — it can really do that!

Moisture-wicking: Linen dress, Linen blouses or any other linen clothing keep the body moisture free. Linen fabric is highly absorbent and will quickly remove sweat from the skin. Linen simply does not absorb moisture, This quickly leaves it in the air. Due to its molecular structure, linen cloth can absorb 1/5 of its weight before it feels damp or wet. So, Your linen shirt will absorb a lot of sweat and yet it is never likely to feel clammy, Since water evaporates from the water level as fast as it can above the surface of a pond. In magic, Water is both absorbed and evaporates rapidly. Treat it like an efficient cooling system in your linen clothing. 

Durable and Easy to Care For: Flax fibers are considered to be the best fibers, which are collected from the inner bark of plants. As a result, fabrics made from these fibers are generally strong and durable. In addition to linen, a few other fabrics made from the best fibers include hemp, rami and cane

In addition, the best fiber-featured nodes (weak points that are randomly distributed along the length of the fiber) make the linen fabric flexible without brittle. Fabric made from hand-cut flax is especially delicate and soft.

Bedding: Linen bed, i.e. duvet cover, flat and fitted sheet, pillow, bed skirt, blanket. When choosing a perfect bed, you need to consider fabric, weaving and thread counting. Linen, satin or parkel – which is the perfect match for you.

Heat conductivity: In addition to cooling and high absorption, Linen also has an innate ability to conduct heat. This means that the heat from your body can be conveyed through the fabric, You may run away to keep you cooler. It is estimated that the thermal conductivity of linen is five times higher than that of fur and eighteen times higher than that of silk.

Heat reflectivity: Linen fabric not only manages the heat away from the wearer, it also reflects the heat. The ability to shade your linen blouse, linen dress or shirt also ensures you stay comfortable without the need for comfortable layers in summer weather.

As huge fans of linen clothing in summer, we love the fact that we will feel 3°-4°C cooler than people wearing silk or cotton. We know we will perspire 1.5 times less too, meaning we can take a day trip to the beach, have evening drinks on the terrace, ride the commute to work and meet friends for a picnic, safe in the knowledge that our linen clothing is working to keep us comfortable, feeling confident and looking great all season long.




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