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The Quest for the Best

Cotton towels are very well known in the market. But 100%bamboo or bamboo and cotton 60/40),(40/60) blend towel is a trending product. Bamboo is produced more by India, China and Bangladesh. Maybe that’s why the demand for bamboo products has become so high all over the world. Today we discuss –The Best Bamboo Towels in India buy them online. Bamboo towels are on the market now you will see different sizes, styles and colors of variety.

The moisture recovery capacity of bamboo fibers is 13%, which is 7 to 8% in cotton fibers. hence towels beat even our greatest expectations: as soft as cashmere, amazingly absorbent, odor resistant, and built to last. We will show you the right website for the right product so you can get the right product. The rate of online shopping in India has increased a lot in the last few years. Online shopping is good but important is you need to know the actual product description.

Why Bamboo Best-

Bamboo is a type of grass and it has a very stiff wooden, hollow stem. In the world, It is the fastest growing plant. Bamboo matures in about 3 years. Bamboo fiber has good strength, durability and durability. Bamboo is a natural cellulosic fiber, therefore, it is easily eroded in the soil and does not cause any pollution to the environment. Bamboo is mixed with other materials like cotton, hemp, silk, lyocell, etc. to make the fabric look good.

Due to its anti-bacterial nature, bamboo has great potential in the case of hygienic materials such as sanitary napkins, masks, mattresses and food packaging bags. In medical textiles, it can be processed into products such as bamboo fiber gauze, operating coats and nurse clothing and the best part is fiber products will not cause skin allergies, it has a competitive superiority in the market.


TOP CHOICE:-The Best Bamboo Towels in India

1. HEELIUM Bamboo Towels


Materials | 100 percent Bamboo, 600 GSM, Antibacterial

Price | Rs. 999 to 2999

We like this towel for many reasons. The most spotlight all the characteristics that make bamboo towels special: super soft, super fluffy and super absorbent. Made in India in 100%  bamboo fibers, these hold up very well over time.

In addition to these essential features, helium towels come in a wonderful variety of colors. 100% unconventional organic bamboo towels from this company that really cares about helping children around the world, Heelium is your best choice. You can buy their bath towels individually, but the price drops significantly if you buy them in 6 or 12 sets.

In addition, Helium is a small, family-owned company, with excellent, friendly customer service. In the age of automated everything and corporate union, it means a lot to me when I can buy my durable bamboo products from my people with soul and voice.

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2. MUSH Bamboo Towels


Materials | 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton, Travel, Spa & Shower, GSM 600

Price | Rs. 1300

 I love bamboo cloth like cotton, I have to say that I usually prefer towels made of a mixture of bamboo and cotton. As if they somehow give you the best gift in both worlds. But if you must have 100% bamboo, then mash must go.

I personally believe, I love rib towels, but some people may prefer a more uniform texture. The only other downside is the lack of color selection. Mush bamboo towels are currently only available in pink. On the last tour, I checked there were 5 to choose from. Maybe your bathroom is hot pink with flamingo wallpaper, or maybe you’re trying to match the aquamarine tiles you picked up on your last trip to Goa.

The only downside here is that you won’t find a remarkable selection of colors. Being such purists, they only use colorless bamboo, so all their towels are white.

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3. SPREAD HOME Bamboo Towels


Materials | 100 percent Bamboo, Anti Bacterial with 360 GSM

Price | Rs. 2249

The spread offers a fashionable with a luxurious 100% bamboo bath towels set, with qualities of softness, absorbency and Anti Bacterial that make bamboo towels such a great choice. The knitted or woven jacquard pattern adds an extra touch of elegance.

These 100% bamboo towels will not be as thick and fluffy as the bamboo-cotton blend of Mush. Also, spread bamboo towels are available in a few shades of gray and white.

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4. DOCTOR TOWEL- Bamboo Towels


Materials | 100% Bamboo with antimicrobial treatment add.
Price | Rs.999

The company came out of nowhere about five years ago and dominated the internet overnight. Their online presence makes them impossible to ignore, but they deliver very high quality products.

Notably, as with any large bamboo towel, Using Australian formulated technology for antimicrobial treatment which making it extra safe. Dr. Towels creates a great towel of 100% bamboo with a sloppy weave that is extremely soft, fluffy and absorbent.

They also offer a nice selection of colors, which can be helpful if you try to match a particular bathroom decor. This is the best option for you is no doubt a set of doctor’s bamboo towels, which includes a magnanimous-sized bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth.



Materials | Lightweight 100% Bamboo Turkish Towels.

Price | Rs. 799

Another nice line of luxurious soft towels made from a blend of 100% Turkish bamboo. Rytsense towels are comparable to Mush and Doctor in price and quality, remarkably soft, thick, fluffy and absorbent. Bamboo Towels are also available in different colors.

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6. MADAKE-Bamboo Towels


Materials | 100 percent bamboo, GSM 250
Price | Rs. 699

Madake provides a line of luxurious bath towels made of 100% bamboo. Indigo stripper terry fabric gives this deluxe towel and plush extra air of softness. No doubt, these are some surprisingly soft, fluffy and drying towels.

Madake is designed as per modern travelers and backpackers in mind, softer and more absorbent than microfiber towels and thinner and lighter than ordinary cotton towels. Much softer than towels !!!

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7. VKAIRE-Bamboo Towel


Materials | Certified organic 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton,
Price | Rs. 2987

Looking for a good family feeling and an India-made of 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton towel. The company, which is owned and operated by this family, is a true pioneer in the field of bamboo. As of 2019, they are committed to providing the most environmentally responsible and ethically produced bamboo products while creating employment and opportunities in India. The lightweight and silky softness make them ideal because it is best for babies and children.

Vikaire’s towels are made from a blend of 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton. They are incredibly soft and absorbent.

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8. DOTMOM-Bamboo Towels


Materials | 100 percent Bamboo, GSM 250, small kids up to 5 years old.

Price | Rs. 1599

Their names say it all. No frills, just great bamboo. Made of 100% bamboo, these towels must be soft and drying. To increase softness and absorption, they recommend washing the towel before use.

The “Dotman Classic” towel sets only come in white, but look at Amazon’s price for four bath towel sets, and you’ll find that they are among the lowest priced bamboo towels on the market. However, lower prices can come at the cost of durability.

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The benefits of bamboo as a textile continue. It is one of the fastest growing and renewable plants in the world and its versatility is unmatched. Fabrics made from bamboo have been proven to be hypo-allergic, anti-microbial and odor resistant, making it an excellent material for T-shirts, socks, underwear and much more. You can read our another article – Terry cloth fabric characteristics and types

With this kind of softness and absorbency, bamboo is also an ideal material for towels. But not all bamboo towels are made equally. And in my experience, some variations of bamboo fabrics seem to have better softness and absorption capacity than others. For example, bamboo-cotton blends make the best towels-fluffy and more absorbent than the 100% bamboo towels I’ve used.

In evaluating these towels, we also consider the philosophy and consciousness of our bamboo-producing colleagues. As a family-owned business founded on a commitment to environmental awareness and social responsibility, we care much more than just the bottom line. for all these reasons, we chose HEELIUM as number one and MUSH as number two.