5 Best Sustainable and Fashionable Lunch Bag| Jute Bag

Beautiful bags, clothing is one of the incomparable things in our daily life. In big cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, men and women will see tiffin bags in the hands of some of them. In addition, those who work in the factory can be seen in the hands of people from officers to managers.

These jute lunch bags are for those who use more plastic bags. Plastic is currently a problem all over the world. We can’t stop plastic at all. So we can use this kind of jute bag as an alternative to the plastic we do in our daily life.  If you are looking for a good vegetable bag, you can visit our page once.

Today I gave you a list of some lunch bags made of jute. This bag you can use in your daily office, school or other work…

1. Shree Balaji Ventures


Product | Made by Jute Fiber, reusable, safe and environment friendly.

Features | Tiffin bag for office. High Strength, perfect for your lunch box, snacks, fruit or vegetable.  Another you can use it for kitchen storage, home decoration, picnics, school activities or other occasions and perfect as children’s gifts, party favors, shopping bags or holiday ornaments.

Price Range | ₹ 242

The “Shree Balaji Ventures” company is selling this product on Amazon. You can visit its website to see more Eco-friendly products and pick it up if you like.

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Product |Jute Lunch box bags are 100% Eco-friendly Burlap Fabric. Jute gift bags with handles.

Features | Carrying weight around 10 Kg Approximately. This Burlap Fabric will keep your food safe and helps to keep the fruits fresh longer and is among the best alternatives to Plastic. Use it as an Office bag, handbag, Tiffin bags, Tote bag, Shopping bag, picnic bag etc.

Price Range |₹ 275

Truly speaking, the “BUYRITE” company jute bag is amazing. Because these bags are made of A-one Quality Material which makes it looks Stylish and Cute to you and the onlookers. Logo design, logo color can touch your mind from afar.

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3. H&B


Product |100% Biodegradable and Recyclable, Eco Friendly, zipper closure,

Features | This bag is divided into 3 parts:

1 part- The large compartment part for lunch boxes. 2nd part- compartment to keep spoons, fork and tissue paper. 3rd part – It is to keep 1 L of a water bottle,

Lunch Bag is made of A++ Jute Material and can be used as bags for women, jute bags for lunch, bags for men, bag for lunch box, office jute bags, jute lunch bags for office.

Price Range |₹299

H&B” Many stylist jute bags are available on Amazon.

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Product | Laminated Interior for Extra strength and Water Resistance jute bag

Features | INDOZY recommends that their product has not used any fertilizer or pesticide and is recyclable and edible. It is a fully natural fiber used in the fabric.

Using color in this fabric made from non-toxic and water-based inks. In the fabric, the interior lamination is made from LDPE biodegradable plastic. It is providing some rigidity.

“Clean India and Green India” helps you to play your role in protecting the environment without throwing away paper and plastic bags.

Price Range |₹359

If you want to see some jute bags in different prints, I would say you should check out the “INDOZY” bags once. These bags with low cost printing will take away your attraction.

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5. Asian

Product | Secure Zip Closure, REUSABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY

Features | Natural Classic Elegant look. Anti-slide zipper-lock, reinforced handles.

Price Range |₹224

“Asian” company shoes you see online. This jute bag made them. I like the product, I hope you like it.



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Product Care Instruction for Jute bags

• Jute Fabric is very resistant to dirt. Don’t need to hard wash it.
• There is LDPE food grade lining in our jute tote bags. Please use a wet cloth to clean the inside liner regularly.
• When the jute bag gets wet, dry the sunlight.
• Always try to keep the bag away from the fire.

My Review-

Before buying a lunch box jute bag, carefully read the description, price and reviews. You can trust that you like the products on my list. The price of the product and the availability or unavailability of the stock depends on the seller of the product.