Guide – Microfiber Towels

What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a fiber-like polyester, nylon or other man-made fibers. It is made up of a unique blend of materials with innovative weave and fiber designs made of ultra-fine synthetic or man-made yarn. This synthetic or man-made yarn is usually comprised of 75% – 85% polyester with 25% – 15% polyamide depending on any specific towel. Fiber diameter 0.2 denier, equal to 1/100th of a human hair.

Microfibers absolutely essential for high quality details for both the interior and exterior of any vehicle. For home products like towels, applicators, wash mites and pads are used in virtually every case. The benefits you can use it to clean paints, leather, wheels, glass, interiors and much more. Uses are literally endless so you may not have enough high quality microfiber products.


Why microfiber cloth?

It is economical

For their special structure, quality microfiber fabrics can last year after year, especially if they are well cared for – a micro cleaning cloth can be laundered and reused 400-500 times. Microfiber cleaning rugs are so absorbent that very few or usually no cleaning products can be used to achieve the same results as regular clothes. Means microfiber cleaning tools more expensive and run long time.

It is very effective

A cotton cleansing cloth, by contrast, can trap particles around its smooth outer surface rather than effectively absorbing them. clothes, rags and microfiber towels can absorb more than seven times their weight into the liquid and have a much larger surface area, resulting in a clean and polished surface. Microfiber cloth for cleaning allows removing 98.9% of bacteria from smooth surfaces.

It is super-universal and easy to use

Using clean clothes regularly is a real mess. One for the fabric surface, another for the mirror and another for the wood. Cleaning clothes with microfiber becomes much easier and faster. It is a quality fabric for stainless steel surfaces, glass and ceramics, dust and washing. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth mop, towel or cloth does not require much effort and leads to a positive experience and effectively reaches all cleaning ranges.

Microfiber Care

1st GroupWe usually recommend you keep three groups of towels, store them in separate containers. Use on the most sensitive surfaces such as exterior paint, gauge, navigation screen, etc.
2nd GroupThe second group of towels are still in great condition but may be somewhat worn, which we use for internal cleaning, glass care, skin treatment, etc.
3rd GroupAll other towels in the third group may have visible spots and may be noticeably worn. Use this towel for your dirty work like drainage tips, engine bay detailing, door jam etc.


All Microfibers are the Same?

Investing in quality towels and taking care of them will greatly increase your results and save you time and money in the long run. Microfiber products will vary depending on the quality of the towels and how much you care for them. Not all microfiber towels are made equally so low quality towels may look nice at first but they often break down quickly with a few washes.


The Benefits and Uses of Microfiber Towels

Many organizations look for the purpose of cleaning microfiber because of its unique properties. First, microfiber does not fully absorb fluids; It just holds them back. This capability makes microfiber towels reusable, leaving other types of materials to be discarded. Since towels do not absorb fluids, they will not collect bacteria.

Microfiber towels are used clearly and effectively in detail, especially in the automotive industry. These towels are durable and more resistant to washing than other materials. Unlike rougher materials, the microfiber will not scratch the paint on the car or leave the lint behind. These are ideal for use on glass and other glossy surfaces.

Although microfiber towels are especially popular in the automotive industry, they are used in any situation where cleaning is required, such as doorman work, household, day care, hospital and many more. It is best for workers because it does not collect bacteria and can be used repeatedly.