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How to identify good quality clothing

Not all expensive clothes are of the best quality and not all affordable clothes are of bad quality. When buying good quality clothes, there are different ways to check if it is of good quality.

Good quality fabric

Fabric type

Anything made from natural fibers is polyester, Acrylic, Always better than synthetics like spandex or any other man-made fibers. This is because you natural fibers are breathable and not long lasting no matter how much you wash them. With the help of synthetics, These types of fabrics will start to wear over time when they gradually come in contact with the laundering and molten-drying movements. You also have to remember that cheap, Clothing can be made from low quality natural fibers which in turn creates bad clothing. So, When looking for good quality clothing, it is useful to check the label first to see what kind of fabric it is made of.

How the fabric feels

An easy way to judge the quality of the clothes is to feel it after touching. What a soft and smooth fabric? Not rough and fragile? The longer the fabric fiber is there, the longer it lasts. This does not mean that the garment needs to be heavy to be good, but if the woven fabric is tightly packed and weighs light, it is likely to be very durable. When choosing good quality fabric, It will look beautiful against the skin and you will notice that it stays soft even after washing.


Fabrics that have higher thread counts are suitable for investment. The thicker the fabric, the higher the quality. When you hold against the light, clothing that is visible or transparent are low quality ingredients. You put your hand inside the garment and see the color of your hand You can check the clarity of the dress by checking if you are getting it. If you can, just leave the dress behind and keep searching.


When considering quality, It is important to check the stitching of the garment. When you know that the stitches are equal, It is of good quality when it is closely intermittent and the garment is well held. Check it out by pulling on either side of the seam – see it inside the garment too check Make sure there are no gaps while doing this and the stitches on both sides are flat. If you have garment buttons, make sure that these too Stitching with pieces gently on them.


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