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Kala Cotton: A brand new favorite in Sustainability

                    Kala Cotton is indigenous cotton from Kutch, Gujarat. It is one of the few genetically pure cotton species remaining in India. It grows in rainfall only and is fully organic due to have not used any pesticides or synthetic fertilizer in this process.

                     Bhujodi, situated at the south-east of Bhuj, is considered to be the textile center of Kutch, with most of the people engaged in textile handicraft production. The weavers are called Vankars. The Vankars are basically involved in weaving cloth or we can say that the prime occupation of the Vankars community of Bhujodi is cloth weaving.

                                                   Earlier Vankars community weaved shawls and other communities like Hairs were involved in the cultivating organic cotton (Kala cotton), which was used to produce cloth. The saree takes a minimum of 3 to 5 days for weaving. It started with Kala cotton. ( Source – Aahanaa Heritage foundation)


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1. Maati Crafts


Based In | Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ethics | 100% handwoven natural dyed kala cotton, 100% cotton mangalgiri

Product Range | Kitchenware, New Collections(Women/Kids) home accents,

Price Range | ₹ 3,800.00 ( Check-In Stock and Product availability)



If you are looking for a handmade women’s product then Maati Crafts will be the best for you. The cloth has a distinct character and colour which makes it beautiful & unique, made with 100% natural colours. Product embroidered by local women artisans. 

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2. The Indian Ethnic


Based In | Santacruz West, Mumbai

Ethics | Handcrafted fabric,100%  kala cotton

Product Range | Handcrafted accessories, home accents, Jewellary,

Price Range | ₹ 2,600.00 ( Check-In Stock and Product availability)


Another best website The Indian Ethnic where you can buy Handcrafted fabrics with different verities of products. Anyone find meters ways plain fabric then visit this site and select meters and prices.


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3. Brown Living


Based In | Bandra West, Mumbai,

Ethics | Handwoven Scarf, Ivory Organic Kala Cotton Scarf

Product Range | Care accessories, Travel accents, Puja products,

Price Range | ₹ 1,450.00 ( Check-In Stock and Product availability)


Brown Living, is popular for Plastic Free marketplace in India. Wide range of everyday use products( plastic free) available on this site., especially sustainable, zero waste, vegan, chemical-free fabrics. Every product is made by local Indian people. Here you can place Bulk Order Request.


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