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Difference between Organic and Normal Cotton

Organic Cotton

What is Cotton Fiber

Cotton is a soft fiber that develops around the seeds of cotton trees, it is a summary of both tropical and sub-tropical regions of the old world and the new world. The fiber is often cut into threads and used to make soft, breathable textiles

What is Organic Cotton

Organic cotton has been produced using methods that are free from most synthetic chemical inputs, such as pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

Difference between Organic and Normal Cotton

Normal cotton is either handpicked or machine picked. Organic cotton is perfectly handpicked by protecting the purity of each fiber and ensuring that no fiber is damaged in the process. Normal cotton is high in demand and supply and machines are usually picked to handle the crowd. It maintains the purity of the fibers, No and damages cotton fibers in the sorting process, Reduces damage and wastage.

Organic cotton products are softer than regular cotton due to longer fibers. Staying handpicked ensures that these fibers are not weak or broken, The result is softer and more durable products
Common cotton cultivation begins with GMO or genetically modified seeds. These are modified to build resistance to bugs, But when the bugs are strong, Then more pesticides are needed.

Organic cotton is made from natural seeds, And no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Bugs that kill insects are controlled by insects. As a result, Organic cotton products are safe for the skin
Normal cotton grows repeatedly in the same soil, Reduces soil quality, Removes nutrients and leads to unhealthy crops. Since these crops require more water, they are irrigated in large quantities which results in wastage of water. Organic cotton is rotated from one soil to another, And nutrients hold water for a long time, Less irrigation is required.


Benefits of organic cotton fabric

Avoid Allergies and Skin Concerns

There is no chemical resistance from organic cotton clothing; So, People with allergies or certain chemical sensitivities will get a lot of benefits by using organic cotton in clothing fabrics. You don’t suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities even if it makes your skin feel better. Also, Most of those who are loyal to organic cotton fabrics swear that it smells better than ordinary cotton types.


Apart from allergies or skin concerns, both cotton farmers and buyers can benefit from improved sensitivity and mental health. Potential debt due to medical or hospital costs as well as skin problems described above can cause emotional and emotionally unreasonable stress.


This results from an agricultural and environmentally friendly approach. Organic cotton production uses low carbon due to low fuel and energy consumption. Because it goes beyond the process of chemical free production, It also prevents water pollution. The health of the workers is not compromised. Finally, Excessive fertilizer and pesticide use causes irreparable damage to the environment.


The benefits of wearing organic cotton cannot be measured in terms of quantity and currency. The idea is that wearing any organic made dress is safe and comfortable which is understandable.





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