Best Pants and Shirts Combinations-Interview Dress for Men

Did you know that what you wear is a reason to be acceptable for a job?

Job interviews are not the end – they are the beginning of the journey ahead. To prove that you have class and authority, it should start with your attire. Get it with the perfect combination of pants and a shirt.

Not sure where to start? Which combination of pants and shirt works best for a special occasion? Don’t worry, here are our guidelines to help you:


1. Go with Contrasting Pants and Shirts

A single combination that works best for pants and shirts with good color. Using the same tones and colors can come out as dull and unforgettable. The result is that you are no different at all, creating something to avoid tonal clothing.

In the case of color and shade, there is a contrast between light and dark colors. Light shades for your shirts (such as white, beige, sky blue, etc.) work perfectly with darker tones for your trousers. In this case, colors like chocolate or navy for example.

The same principle applies to dark shirts (such as maroon, dark blue, purple or black).

2. Coordinate Checks and Patterns Well

For patterns, checks and similar styles of clothing, they look best when given the right combination. Pair a checked shirt with solid colored trousers, create embellishments by pattern.

The opposite is true when you check pants; Go with a simple shirt Some of these styles will be a combination of colors blue and black, blue and beige, or white and beige.

When choosing a printing fabric, use precise colors when letting the trousers go for a darker tone. Avoid prints altogether when you go to give a job interview. They are very loud and confusing.

3. Match the Right Fabrics

Fabrics play a role in perfecting the color combination of your shirt and pants, especially with customized clothing. Colors are reflected differently depending on the fabric used, two fabrics of the same color appear differently in terms of shade and texture.

Chinos and khakis perfect combination with plain cotton shirts, woolen shirts, and even denim shirts. Linen shirts work well with linen trousers or high quality denim pants as they are a popular material of choice due to their comfort and convenience.

Corduroy and Fleece contain earthy tones on them, commonly seen in trousers and pants. Corduroy shirts work well with denim pants, plain khaki trousers, or even linen chino.

Also, keep in mind that the clothes you wear improve people’s perceptions of you. Wearing a polyester suit is not bad but it will not affect anyone. You can express your purpose in an interview by wearing something made from wool, cashmere or linen.

4. Too Close To Your Skin- Avoid Tops

 The fabric shades should not be too close to your skin tone. It compares to your skin color and hair. In the case of tops it is because it can cause you to fade and wash out.

There are ways that will help you find the contrast of any shades, but here are some quick tips on what to use.

If you have high contrast with your hair and skin tone, go with clothing that has high contrast. It acts as a framing setup on your face and highlights your features. If you have low contrast, avoid adopting high contrast and choose low-contrast clothing instead. Otherwise, your clothes may take their attention instead.

If you are of moderate contrast, it may take some mixing and matching to find the right one for you.

5. Five Colors in Your Closet

There should be five colors in your clothing selection. Make sure your clothing always has the following colors:

1. Khaki

Khaki pants are best known for their versatility. It matches any shirt available. One good thing about them is that they work with formal or casual dress codes.

The colors of the shirt that match the khaki pants are blue, maroon and red. Green, black, white, purple and gray also work.

2. Black

Black is another versatile color, which serves as the main ingredient in any outfit you can use. With black pants, you can match it with any color shirt without any collision problem.

Color combinations perfectly match with black, blue, light pink, maroon, light gray, red, light yellow, light orange, purple or turquoise.

Black is also a formal color. If you are applying for an executive position, this is the most impressive color to use.

3. Cream

A wide range of colors combined with the way black and khaki play cream. Among the colors that work well are some shades of navy blue, pink, purple, black and algae green.

Remember that when you use cream to match your dark shirt, check the original tone of the shirt.

4. Gray

For formal occasions, gray trousers are essential for your attire. The colors that match it perfectly are light pink, blue, white, black, red, water, cherry, green and spring flowers.

5. Navy

Navy is suitable for different colors. Go for the colors of this shirt when using navy: white, yellow, pink, peach, purple, royal blue, brown, maroon, magenta, aqua, cream, gray, red, khaki, black, rusty orange, reddish, light green and sunny Yellow.

6. Have Fun and Experiment

These rules are just some of the basic things you can consider. However, there are many ways you can improve and test to reflect both your personality and still look perfect with your outfit. As long as you take care of the basics, you will look like a nice gentleman.

Remember it is all complementary, not matching.

Get the Perfect Outfit Today!

When it comes to following the perfect combination of pants and shirts, it varies from person to person. However, the complementary set up between the colors and patterns they contain can highlight and emphasize your features as a whole.

This is important when going for an interview. You want to dress up to be mesmerized as the song goes on and this guide can help you wear the right combination to attract the attention of the employer.