Best Low Price Puja Aasan Available Online in India

Now we disuse different types of Puja Aasan available in the market. This aasan or mat using for home or another puja occasion. Handmade knitted cotton, wool or jute is very popular in every Indian local area.

An instruction that needs to be strictly followed during puja Pat in Hinduism is the use of asanas and arranging the rituals. According to Vaastu shastra no matter what time you do puja, no matter where you are, you will always be maintained on Vaastu shastra aasan. Because the energy of the earth reaches our body and we are able to concentrate with a peaceful mind. Getting satisfaction on the mind.

One has to be very careful while choosing a seat for Pujo. According to Vastu shastra, you can use cotton, silk or woolen seats for puja. Knowledge, good fortune, peace, money gain by performing rituals in one seat. Using seats made of wood, leaves or bamboo can lead to disease, financial problems so these must be avoided.

This list provides you puja aasan list for emergency purposes or not available in the local market.

You need a new Aasan or mat for any inauguration for which order placed on amazon as per your need.



Pooja Aasan is made of Velvet fabric. This mat using for Multipurpose like- Pooja, Meditation, prayer.

Material:- Banglori Satin || Heavy Velvet.

Occasion:- All Type Of Pooja, Rituals and meditation.

Washing Care:- Normal Hand Wash.


fabric-Poojan-Samagri-Sitting-Aasan-for-puja2. HYSHOPPERS

Hyshoppers fabric Poojan Samagri Sitting Aasan for puja

This cloth Made of good quality velvet material. Using it for regularly Puja Rituals.





Bhakti Lehar ( 1 Meter ) White Silk Satin Pooja Altar Cloth

Jari type where lace is used on all sides of this aasan which gives this satin Pooja aasan a very lustrous royal feel look Shining Golden.

Cloth is made up of  puro satin silk cloth.


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Organic Handmade Kusha Grass Eco-Friendly Pooja Sitting Chatai Mat.

These chatai are quite soft & comfy. These organic sitting mats are traditional handmade products. Ease opening and folding with travel-friendly and storage-friendly portable size.

Size- Length-18inch and Width-18inch.




Montelal Store Pooja Aasan (Multicolour, Korai Pai / Kusha Grass/ Madurkathi,

Material: Korai Pai / Kusha Grass/ Madurkathi. Cloth boundaries for long life

 Eco-Friendly prayer mats for home, aarti time

Handmade Puja Aasan. Dimension – 18 X 18 inches.

Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Organic, Foldable & Travel Friendly.




Printed Silk Satin God Chowki Aasan.


Bhakti Lehar Printed Swastik Design Satin Puja Mat is made up of pure satin silk cloth. Beautiful shining golden swastik lace whole areas.

This Satin Cloth is comfortable to use and its a portable feature with carrying anywhere you want. This satin altar cloth is 100% Washable.