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Some Information About Indian Saree

Sari is a tradition Indian dress, Which illuminates the beauty of Indian women of all ages and forms. Whether it’s about a festival or a wedding, You can go to this beautiful dress to look the most elegant and beautiful. This dress is now recognized worldwide, It has been supported by many international celebrities after the sari at international events. Sari is also a favorite among Indian celebrities, As well as the main dress of the common woman of the country.

The market is flooded with a large number of sari brands that specialize in a variety of designs such as cotton, silk, net, Georgette, chiffon and many more.

Choose a Right Saree

Choosing the right sari due to so much variety in design can be suitable for your body type and looks suitable for this occasion. If you want to help find the right sari design, here are some useful tips:

  • Women under the age of 40 can try different event options as well as color options with prints according to the type of occasion and style choice.
  • For women over the age of 40, it is best to be good with the simple and classic looks of sari like cotton or silk fabric.
  • It would not be good to go with huge printed saris as small prints will look more beautiful and elegant.

Always make sure to choose the right fabric to make it perfect for you and wear it properly and elegantly according to your body type.

Why do women wear saris in India?

This is going to be an unpopular answer but a lot of women in India wear saris because they are forced to do so. In most cases by their in-laws and elders. In many Indian families, women are forced to give saris after marriage. No other dress fits the ‘humble’ standards set by society

Some women wear saris because they love them, but many more wear more practical clothes in their daily lives. Holding a train in Mumbai on a sari is pure torture. Wearing a sari all day at a temperature above 30 °C – not pleasant at all. It is, after all, more fabric than necessary

Like saris gowns – beautiful and elegant but you are not suitable for physical activity unless you put them on top or something that makes them as stylish as sacks

You see images of noodle straps and fusion saris online – this is not a ground reality. Strapless blouses are rarely ‘approved’ in middle-class royal families. Women even go to bed in saris. They must draw the pallu in such a way that the minimum skin is visible. All these saris transform women into symbols of oppression

Look at all the middle-aged Indian women who go crazy to buy ‘Western clothing’ on trips abroad. Why are simple items of clothing like jeans and t-shirts so aspiring? Because they are not allowed to wear them in their regular life. Clothing should be a matter of choice and convenience ( Collect information- Ankita Shreeram



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