Terry cloth fabric characteristics and types

Terry Towel / Terrycloth

“Terry Towel or Terry cloth or terry cotton and regular toweling is a cloth with loops design that absorb high quantities of water compared to normal woven fabric. Terry fabric is a fashionable type of fabric that is very important in each life. Because it needs from handkerchiefs to bath towels or from foot mats to sheets.

The demand for terry fabric products is increasing day by day in the local and international markets. Consumers pay on average $10 for bath towels and their households in India. India is one of the major terry fabric manufacturing and exporting countries among the terry manufacturing countries of the world. Here we discuss different types of terry towels available in the market.

Terry cloth fabric type

There are two main types of terry towels. One Towel terry and second French terry.

Towel terry: 

                   This can be a woven material with lengthy loops that may take in giant quantities of water. Its content material is often 100% cotton, however might typically comprise polyester.

French terry:

                      Its one sides is flat, whereas the opposite aspect is with cross loops. It may be 100% cotton or be constructed from quite a lot of fibres, typically with spandex (also called elastane or lycra).

Also, the terry cloth or fabric is divided by –

The classification of towels according to Weight –

  1. Low Weight (100 to 300 GSM)
  2. Medium Weight (300 to 500 GSM)
  3. Heavy Weight (500 above GSM)
Weight GSM Size Type
Low 100 to 300 (76.2cm x 152.cm – Width x Length) Beach Towel, Pool Towel, Gym towel, Plain Dyed Towels, Microfiber Towel
Medium 300 to 500 (70 cm x 150 cm – Width x Length) Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Bath mat towel, Face Towel, Spa Towels
Heavy 500 and 800 (71 cm x 140 cm – Width x Length) Jacquard Towels

The classification of towels according to Twist –

  1. Twisted Terry Towels –

Cotton fibers are spun (twisted) into yarn. Yarn constituted of fibers which are twisted will get rather a lot get more durable and fewer absorbent consequently. If short-staple cotton fibers are used, then the yarns shall be exhausting and the terry shall be stiff and fewer absorbent. As compared to zero-twist or low-twist towels.

  1. Untwisted Terry Towels –

It’s primarily a spinning methodology that makes use of adhesives as an alternative of twisting means to make the strands of artificial yarns. Within the yarn forming course of, false twists should be utilized to the strands. After the yarns are shaped, they have to be untwisted into untwisted yarns. The terry material made from such untwisted yarns feels good, delicate, and has very water absorption. it’s good.

Name of terry towels –

  1. Bath towels
  2. Spa Towels
  3. Beach Towels
  4. face towel
  5. Hand towel
  6. Pool towel
  7. Bath mat towel
  8. Paper towel
  9. Gym towel
  10. Tea towel